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How To Win

Uploaded - The Online Fishing Series

Eligible participants: Participation is limited to U.S. Citizens of the Continental U.S. only. You must also be over the age of 13.

Eligible species: For the 2017 season, only largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, shoal and red eye bass catches are eligible. If you would like to see a series dedicated to a different species or a different category of fishing, please contact us.

Eligible waters: All waters, private and public, within the continental U.S. are open to competition as long as you have permission to fish those waters and comply with all rules and regulations and all local, state, and federal laws while fishing those waters. If a fishing license is required for you to fish those waters, you must obtain a fishing license. 

Dates: You must upload your content during the dates of the Open. However, you do not have to catch and film the fish catch during the dates of the Open. In other words, you may use footage recorded before the Open so long as it meets the product requirements of the category to which you submit your content.

Product use: For each category in which you submit content, the eligible product(s) for that category must be clearly shown within the video so that there is no doubt that the product was used to catch or aided in the catch of the fish. “Doubt” will be determined solely by UPLOADED, and all decisions of UPLOADED regarding the eligibility of content shall be final.

How UPLOADED judges product use: The product used should be featured in the video for a recommended 15-30 seconds. Talk about the product, whether that is about certain features of the product or how you are using the product to catch fish. However, we do not want you to overdo this and make a 5 minute video strictly talking about the product. The contestant should find a medium between being creative and insuring that we know exactly what product the contestant is using and how you are using it. There’s no need for brand names, logos, or other watermarks on the screen during the video. Preparing an intro or an exit with these things is fine. 

Selection of the UPLOADED Open Winners: UPLOADED will judge submissions based primarily on creativity. The “best” video in the eyes of UPLOADED is one that captures a moment or tells a story. The incorporation of multiple points of view is encouraged but not mandatory. At the end of the event, UPLOADED will select the Top 10 submissions, which will be a mix of big fish catches, bank fishing, boat fishing, and spectacular edits. After UPLOADED selects the Top 10 videos, the public and the UPLOADED Fishing Panel both vote on the Top 10. Winners are determined by 30% public vote and 70% panel.

The UPLOADED Fishing Panel: The UPLOADED Fishing Panel (UFP) consists of 4 judges: an older angler, a younger angler, a non-angler and a representative of the sponsor company. The UFP that votes on the Video of the Year Championship will be the same, with the exception of the representative of the sponsor company being replaced by a representative of UPLOADED.

No professional videographers: This means videographers making more than $30,000 per year strictly filming and editing.

Assistance: Someone may assist in the filming, but the contestant must edit his or her own video.

Music: Only audio tracks that you have acquired the license or rights to allowed. The contestant may be asked to provide the license.

Polygraph: Contestants may be asked to pass a polygraph if at anytime there is a question about a rules violation. Refusal to take the polygraph may result in disqualification.

Limitations on winning: Contestants are allowed to enter an unlimited number of categories an unlimited number of times. However, contestants are ineligible to win more than one presenting category win per season. Also, contestants may only win once per sponsor company, except that a contestant is eligible to compete in a presenting sponsor category if he has previously won only a supporting sponsor category from that same sponsor. Example: If XYZ Baits sponsors the May and June Opens, the same contestant can't win both. The Video of the Year (VOY) Champion can only win one VOY Championship per his or her career in UPLOADED, the Online Fishing Series. The VOY Champion is still allowed to compete and win prizes in the monthly contests and even win an honorary spot as a finalist in the VOY Championship. However, his or her spot will be passed down to the second place finisher in the competition that qualified him or her for the VOY Championship, thusly qualifying that contestant for the VOY Championship.

Cast-to-catch: Each submission must show the entire fish catch, from continuous cast-to-catch, to be eligible to win. Although multiple points of view are encouraged in the filming process, keep in mind that submitted video must leave no doubt the fish catch might have been staged. If there is any question as to whether the fish catch was staged, UPLOADED Fishing may require the raw footage before determining whether your video is eligible.

Size/Length of submissions: Submissions may be no larger than 1GB and must be shot in at least 720 resolution. A good rule of thumb is to keep the video under 3 minutes. However, there is no length of time requirement for submission. Focus on showing the fish catch and making a creative video around it. Whether the video is long or short will not affect the scoring. 

Filming Equipment: Any camera may be used to record your catch so long as the camera can record in a minimum resolution of 720.

Selection of the Video Of The Year:  Public voting will account for 30% of the determination of UPLOADED Open winners. The Uploaded Fishing Panel will account for the other 70%. The Uploaded Fishing Panel (UFP) consists of 4 members: a younger angler, an older angler, a non-angler and a representative of UPLOADED. The 6 finalists will be ranked by the UFP based on criteria believed to qualify a video as "better". This criteria includes in no particular order of importance: originality, size of the fish, multiple points of view, capturing a moment, telling a story, creative points of view, quality of the audio, quality of the resolution and framing.

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