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Welcome to the 2018 UPLOADED Fishing Season

WELCOME TO 2018 UPLOADED, The Online Fishing Series. The concept is simple. Fish. Film. Win! This Season UPLOADED will be featuring Two Categories per month — Pro & Amateur. Each month's prize will be a $100 gift card/code for each division's winner. Anyone can enter either competition. The distinctions between the categories are:

Pro Division — All you have to do is show us your best fish catch video, continuous cast-to-catch using one of the sponsor's products, and you could win! Anything goes in the pro division when making your video with two restrictions: Someone may help you shoot the video but you have to edit your own submission. And music has to be legal for you to use (rights free, non-copyright protected, you have written permission to use the music, etc). Full Details Here

Amateur Division — An entry in the UPLOADED Amateur Division can be any length, but it must be one continuous shot from one camera with no music or editing. The clip should show cast to catch and the sponsor product should be featured in the video to where it is identifiable. Full Details Here

Limitations on Winning — Although anyone can enter either division, the same angler can't win both divisions in a month. If they do, the prize and qualifying spot for the amateur division goes to the runner-up. Same for VOY (Video Of The Year) prizes since an angler could qualify for both VOY races in different months. You may only qualify for each division’s VOY race once. However, you may win the prize in multiple months in each division. In that case, the additional VOY qualifying spot would go to the runner-up.

2018 Video Of The Year (VOY) — This year’s Video of the Year winner for the professional division will win a tackle and gear prize pack from our sponsors worth $2,500 in value. Our amateur division VOY winner will win a prize pack worth $1,250 in sponsor gear and tackle.


UPLOADED March Open — Coming Soon

Fish. Film. Win! with UPLOADED Fishing

How To Fish Film & Win with Uploaded Fishing

How To Fish Film & Win with Uploaded Fishing


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